Best respiratory centre in Delhi

The rising pollution in Delhi and NCR has been the major reason for respiratory problems in people here, especially older people and children are the victims. Respiratory diseases make it difficult for a person to breathe properly, thereby, further leading to other problems like cough, wheezing & shortness of breath. Due to these problems, a person can’t carry on with his daily activities in a normal way and gets exhausted very soon. Respiratory problems need immediate attention because if you ignore them in their initial stages, they can be life-threatening. You should always prefer to go to the best respiratory centre in Delhi for your treatment in order to get positive results.

Best respiratory centre in Delhi has the most advanced and fully equipped respiratory department offering state-of-the-art facilities to its patients. The medical intensive care unit has ultra-modern monitoring facilities and medical devices which are handled by highly qualified consultants. World class treatment and services are provided to the patients round the clock. Best respiratory centre in Delhi has the provision to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using excellent medical facilities. Extremely talented and experienced doctors working here are known to provide accurate results for all the procedures done by them. They are also famous for providing fast and effective treatment for all kinds of respiratory problems. They work with a team of other specialists, nurses, technical and support staff to ensure that patients don’t face any kind of problem.

Jaipur Golden Hospital is one of the best respiratory centres in Delhi that is committed to offer personalised one-to-one treatment and medical care to its patients. They are the leading experts in this field and use innovative techniques regularly along with latest developments. Their cutting-edge core competencies are their backbone. You can trust them for all your respiratory problems.


Best spine center in Delhi

Jaipur Golden Hospital is one of the best spine centers in Delhi. It targets at providing evidence-based, modern treatment of international standards. The center is equipped with updated technologies like Image guidance, Neuromonitoring, Tubular minimal access reactor, OT table, Spinal Endoscopes for Cervical, etc. These technologies make the surgery very safe highest success rate.


  • Elaboratepost-operative care and sate of art invasive care units.
  • Postoperative spinal rehabilitation center with experienced physiotherapists, surgeons, and doctors.
  • Modern Laminar Floor operation theaters with laser endoscopies using HD cameras and monitors, neuromonitoring and image guidance facilities to assist accurately and diagnose the diseases in the spine.

We are one of the leading infrastructures in the nation. We have a team of experienced surgeons and physiotherapists, qualified nurses, latest and updated sources, best medication regarding a particular spinal surgery, advice from experts; we also have general wards and operation theaters to cure our patients which make us the best spinal center in Delhi.

We offer the following service:

  • Injection treatment for a backache.
  • Minimally invasive procedures with radio frequency and laser, like IDET, medical branch Blocks, Epiduroscopy.
  • Nonoperative management, manipulation and rehabilitation of spine patients.
  • Spinal deformity surgery like scoliosis.
  • Percutaneous Screw Fixation for spinal fractures and fusion.
  • Balloon Kyphoplasty for brittle fractures.
  • Cervical Spine total disc replacement and fusion.
  • Dynamic spinal stabilization for a backache.
  • Endoscopic and posterior cervical fusion.
  • Neuromonitoring for surgical safety and excellent results.
  • Surgeries for Spinal tumors, TB, Trauma, dysfunction, and deformity.
  • Latest technologies in the spinal fusion like plif alif, tlif, axlif and Lumbar Disk Replacement.
  • Latest Percutaneous Procedure like Fx, Disc, Nucleopastry, and annuloplasty.

We provide almost all the surgical services that must be done is critical scenarios. However, in more than 78% cases there is no need of surgery as it can be cured with the efficient use of medication only.

Hospitals for Heart Surgery @ Jaipur Golden in Delhi, India

Heart Surgery Hospital

A healthy heart is very important for a healthy, disease-free life. It is a vital organ of your body that is responsible for carrying out the major functions here ranging from good immune system to transporting oxygen to various parts of the body. One should maintain a healthy lifestyle comprising of nutritious diet and physical activity as both these things greatly affect your heart. There is a common misconception among many people that only older people fall prey to heart diseases. But the fact is that anyone whether men, women or children can suffer from heart problems and age has nothing to do with it. One should be very careful while making the choice for heart hospitals in Delhi because if you fall in wrong hands then the consequences you may face in the future can be very disturbing.

Nowadays, the number of deaths occurring due to heart ailments has dramatically increased and stands just next to cancer. The doctors recommend regular check-ups to be done by your primary doctor so that your health condition can be screened properly. Adults should get various heart health screenings done every year in order to know about their well-being. BP, blood cholesterol levels, sugar levels and other essential tests tell about your heart’s health. Sometimes, the symptoms are silent and one doesn’t realise his heart problems till the time some major problem occurs. But with regular health screenings, one has the idea about his health and accordingly can take precautions to avoid heart diseases.

There are many heart hospitals in Delhi but Jaipur Golden Hospital is the best among them. It facilitates the patients with world class amenities and takes care of their requirements on personal levels. A dedicated team of professional doctors, trained nurses and paramedical staff work around the clock while providing comprehensive patient care in times of emergencies.

You can also check here Jaipur Golden Hospital for Gastroenterology Surgery.

Which is the Best Hospitals for General surgery, Check Here

Jaipur golden hospital offers world class quality and health care services to all the people and they have with them highly qualified team of doctors. Some of their specialist doctors are cardio thoracic surgery, orthopedics, oncology, neurology, pheumatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, dermatology, dentistry, gynecology and Gastrointestinal surgery in delhi etc. They have facility for diagnostic that include Imaging, laboratory services, pulmonology, neurology. General surgery have laboratory medicine department store and their services are available round the clock for patients.

Some of their services include transfusion medicine, microbiology, biochemistry, and serology. Their laboratory can perform 500 tests of different kinds. Thus their imaging offers gamut of services that range from ultra sonography, radiography, and bone densitometry. Moreover the hospitals upgrade their technology and enhance specialized services for cardiology and they also have GE- Innova 2000 cath lab machine. Their operation theatre has all the modern equipments and facilities.

They have attached recovery room and a lot of medical as well as nursing staff. Critical care units are well managed by their most qualified intensivists and every critical care bed has highly sophisticated monitoring system, oxygen supply, and infusion and syringe pumps. These beds also have life support systems with ventilators and defibrillators. Apart from all these their support services are the backbone as the food service department serves the nutritive and healthy food with the guidance of trained dieticians.

Jaipur golden hospital also offer excellent academic environment, organic workshops and medical education programs. Some of their patient services are transfusion services, free home collection, physiotherapy, laboratory services and golden health plan check here. General surgery lab services are very special and offer diagnostic to disease on their lab services. It is run by qualified doctors and laboratory technologists. Their all services are offered at reasonable cost and follow good manufacturing practice by serogical blood processing and screening.

Best Hospital for Heart Treatments in Delhi

World class health care treatment is provided by Jaipur Golden hospital which is the best heart hospital in Delhi. The surgeons at the hospital are qualified and experienced with treating many patients. Most procedures are non – invasive and the procedures are diagnosed by apt methods. There are various heart diseases which are treated by cardiologists such as atrial fibrillation, inflammatory disease, hypertension, disease of the aorta and other heart related diseases. Appointment can be booked by phone.

The hospital has uses the best of the methods for cardiology disease related procedures like balloon valvotomies, coronary angiography, implantation of pacemaker. Electrocardiography and stress thallium is a non – invasive procedure for cardio related disorders. You can contact and take appointment from the best heart hospital in Delhi if any of your family has cardio related problems. The hospital has nurses which provide the best care for the patient and ensure that a healthy atmosphere is maintained around the patient. The staff at the hospital ensures to offer dedicated services towards the patient for their proper and all round treatment.

The best heart hospitals in Delhi has a panel of experienced and qualified cardio surgeons and doctors who have treated many patients with positive results. The emergency care unit ensures that the patient is admitted in the hospital quickly and checked and treated in case of any emergency. The main aim of the hospital is to provide world class treatment to all its patients along with providing appropriate medication. The hospital has state of the art diagnostic facilities which provides laboratory services, neurology and imaging services. Therapeutic equipment are also available in the hospital which are required by the patients as per their requirement.

Preventing and Treating Obesity by Expert Professions

Obesity is the most common health issues in western countries and though their lifestyle is highly adapted by Indians, it is penetrating in India at an exponential rate. Sedentary and desk-bounded lifestyle, poor eating habits and less physical activity are resulting in chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, stroke, blood clots, high blood pressure and many more. Jaipur Golden hospital excels in providing an extensive range of treatment to prevent, treat and reduce the weight of obese people. When conventional and clinical methods of weight loss have delivered unsatisfactory results, then bariatric surgeries in Delhi are the effective way to reduce weight.

The hospital offers bariatric surgery in Delhi through which weight is reduced by performing surgical procedures with a remarkable success rate. The hospital incorporates a team of eminent and qualified bariatric surgeons hold years of experience in performing various bariatric surgeries like

  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
  • Adjustable Gastric Band
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy

These restrictive surgeries are performed to shrink the size of the stomach and limit the food intakes. The smaller the size of the stomach, the lesser you eat. The entire team of bariatric surgeons, dietician, physician and gastro surgeon in Delhi determines health benefits of the particular surgery and potential risk associated with it for better and safe treatment. The hospital stands ahead in delivering best bariatric surgery in Delhi with top notch technology and advanced equipment to achieve unmatched outcomes and accuracy.

The Jaipur Golden Hospital serves an end to end treatment right from screening, selection, preparation and treatment followed by consultation is the key for successful bariatric surgery in Delhi. The hospital serves multidisciplinary approach by delivering a complete rehabilitation care program to each patient by skilled and trained staff.

A centre for Integrated Treatment of Heart Surgeries and Ailments

Heart surgeries become very common in last few years because of a sedentary lifestyle, biological and an environmental factor that influences the heart health to a substantial extent. Jaipur golden hospital offers best heart surgery in Delhi with latest procedures and techniques to cardiac patients. Heart surgeries are recommended when medication and other treatment fails to achieve the desired result.

Heart surgeries are performed in following conditions

  • Arteries are blocked
  • Heart replacement and repair
  • Heart failure
  • Abnormal heart rhythm or heartbeat
  • Heart transplant
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Heart attack

The cardiac department incorporates highly committed cardiac surgeons and cardiothoracic surgeons who hold years of experience in delivering comprehensive treatment of heart disorders and its preventive measures. This expert team is specialised in following heart surgeries:

  • Cardiac bypass Surgery
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Non-invasive surgery
  • Minimally invasive cardiology
  • Paediatric heart surgery

The hospital embedded with top notch technology and sophisticated equipment to perform complex heart surgeries in Delhi. The entire cardiac team excels in implementing these latest techniques and dedicated to retrieving remarkable outcomes. The department serves in-depth diagnostic procedures to detect the acute illness and serve a foundation to cardiologists to map the treatment plan. The team stand alone in providing secondary-to-none rehabilitation and palliative care.

The hospital is ranked top in bestowing best heart surgery in Delhi and has achieved the benchmark in delivering successful heart surgeries in the city.

You can also login for obesity surgery performed in the hospital.

How to Defeating Obesity with Weight Loss Surgery

Good health does not mean the absence of any disability or disease but a state of mental, physical and social fitness are the parameters to stay healthy. With the drastic change in the lifestyle choices, hectic professional life, poor eating habits and sedentary routine leads to various chronic diseases and obesity is one of them.

Obesity is the state of accumulating the surplus fat on the body that escalate the risk of developing illnesses like hypertension, heart strokes, diabetes, blood pressure. It becomes imperative to reduce weight to avoid these illnesses and disorders. Jaipur Golden Hospital stands the best hospital in Delhi to offer a broad spectrum of weight loss solutions with up-to-the-minute technology to the obsessed people.

The department is proficient in delivering world class weight loss surgery in Delhi performed by eminent professionals and specialists to bring measurable results. The procedures are performed to remove excessive fat from the body and making the size of stomach small restrict the food intakes. There is numerous weight loss surgical options available at the hospital like:

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Mini Gastric Bypass
  • Gastric banding
  • Various laparoscopic procedures

The JGH Delhi Hospital incorporates advanced technology and multidisciplinary approach for treating complex and critical cases of obesity. These state of the art technologies deliver less pain, fast recovery and assist in improving the quality of life or the patient. The entire team of bariatric surgeons holds years of experience and highly committed to serving better health care services. Further, the talent pool incorporates specialists, technicians, general physicians and dieticians to provide comprehensive treatment solutions and compassionate care to each solution. The hospital is recognised as the Best Hospital in Delhi for its post-operative consultation and care which is delivered to patients periodically. More information Bariatric surgery check here.

World class cardiac treatment and care by expert cardiac surgeons

Our heart is a key player in our body, pumps the blood through the circulatory system, providing oxygen and other nutrients to the tissues. Any interruption in this functioning can result into generic or complex heart condition. Heart conditions like strokes, disease or attack are situations where heart surgeries are recommended by cardiologists. The hospital is recognized as the best hospital for open heart surgery in Delhi for comprehensive treatment and complete rehabilitation process.

Open heart surgery is a surgical procedure where the chest is opened through a cut and surgery is performed on valves, muscles or arteries of the heart. The most common open-heart surgery in Delhi is coronary artery bypass surgery. When the blood vessels become narrow and hard that provide oxygen and blood to the heart, this makes difficult to flow blood then a need of open heart surgery arise.

The hospital also performs open heart surgery in Delhi to treat the following heart conditions:

  • To replace and repair heart valves
  • To repair abnormality of heart
  • To transplant heart
  • To repair the damages
  • To regulate heart rates
  • To treat any congenital heart disease

With cutting edge technology and advanced surgical approaches, the hospital performs complex and critical open heart surgeries in Delhi. Being one of the top hospitals in Delhi, it ensures an integrated cardiac treatment incorporates an in-depth diagnosis, study of medical history, comprehensive treatment and palliative care of all the cardiac patients.

The hospital has compiled experienced and renowned surgeons that make great panel cardiologists coupled by a general consultant, nutritionists and technicians to deliver world-class Cardiac Surgery. The Heart Hospital excels in delivering state of the art treatment to all the patients including foreign patients also.