How to Defeating Obesity with Weight Loss Surgery

Good health does not mean the absence of any disability or disease but a state of mental, physical and social fitness are the parameters to stay healthy. With the drastic change in the lifestyle choices, hectic professional life, poor eating habits and sedentary routine leads to various chronic diseases and obesity is one of them.

Obesity is the state of accumulating the surplus fat on the body that escalate the risk of developing illnesses like hypertension, heart strokes, diabetes, blood pressure. It becomes imperative to reduce weight to avoid these illnesses and disorders. Jaipur Golden Hospital stands the best hospital in Delhi to offer a broad spectrum of weight loss solutions with up-to-the-minute technology to the obsessed people.

The department is proficient in delivering world class weight loss surgery in Delhi performed by eminent professionals and specialists to bring measurable results. The procedures are performed to remove excessive fat from the body and making the size of stomach small restrict the food intakes. There is numerous weight loss surgical options available at the hospital like:

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Mini Gastric Bypass
  • Gastric banding
  • Various laparoscopic procedures

The JGH Delhi Hospital incorporates advanced technology and multidisciplinary approach for treating complex and critical cases of obesity. These state of the art technologies deliver less pain, fast recovery and assist in improving the quality of life or the patient. The entire team of bariatric surgeons holds years of experience and highly committed to serving better health care services. Further, the talent pool incorporates specialists, technicians, general physicians and dieticians to provide comprehensive treatment solutions and compassionate care to each solution. The hospital is recognised as the Best Hospital in Delhi for its post-operative consultation and care which is delivered to patients periodically. More information Bariatric surgery check here.


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