World class cardiac treatment and care by expert cardiac surgeons

Our heart is a key player in our body, pumps the blood through the circulatory system, providing oxygen and other nutrients to the tissues. Any interruption in this functioning can result into generic or complex heart condition. Heart conditions like strokes, disease or attack are situations where heart surgeries are recommended by cardiologists. The hospital is recognized as the best hospital for open heart surgery in Delhi for comprehensive treatment and complete rehabilitation process.

Open heart surgery is a surgical procedure where the chest is opened through a cut and surgery is performed on valves, muscles or arteries of the heart. The most common open-heart surgery in Delhi is coronary artery bypass surgery. When the blood vessels become narrow and hard that provide oxygen and blood to the heart, this makes difficult to flow blood then a need of open heart surgery arise.

The hospital also performs open heart surgery in Delhi to treat the following heart conditions:

  • To replace and repair heart valves
  • To repair abnormality of heart
  • To transplant heart
  • To repair the damages
  • To regulate heart rates
  • To treat any congenital heart disease

With cutting edge technology and advanced surgical approaches, the hospital performs complex and critical open heart surgeries in Delhi. Being one of the top hospitals in Delhi, it ensures an integrated cardiac treatment incorporates an in-depth diagnosis, study of medical history, comprehensive treatment and palliative care of all the cardiac patients.

The hospital has compiled experienced and renowned surgeons that make great panel cardiologists coupled by a general consultant, nutritionists and technicians to deliver world-class Cardiac Surgery. The Heart Hospital excels in delivering state of the art treatment to all the patients including foreign patients also.


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