Get your joint pain treated with joint replacement surgery

Joint replacement is a surgical process in which the painful joints in your body are replaced with artificial joints known as prosthesis. It is a very safe and effective technique that has high success rate all over the world. A huge number of people get this surgery done every year and they are highly satisfied with the results. Usually, joint replacement surgery is done in older people who are over the age of 60 years. But nowadays, even younger people are also getting it done. Earlier this surgery was more successful in older people because the age of prosthesis was around 15 years but now with improved medical technology and latest advancements in this field, the prosthesis obtained have become much better. They last for around 20-25 years in many cases.

For the success of your joint replacement surgery, it is important that you seek only for the best Joint Replacement Hospital in Delhi. This way you can be assured of best outcomes only. Here, you will get all the advanced medical facilities and top-class infrastructure so that the patient doesn’t face any kind of problem there. The doctors and staff are well-qualified and efficient in their jobs. They know their duties well and can handle any kind of situation. If you or your loved ones are planning to get this surgery done, then you must come to Jaipur Golden Hospital located in Rohini, New Delhi.

It is one of the top-most Joint Replacement treatment Hospitals in Delhi that takes a lot of care of its patients and gives them full support in times of emergencies. Here you have the facilities of getting your various joints replaced like knee joint, hip joint, ankle, shoulder, wrist etc. The treatment available in JGH is quite affordable when compared to other hospitals.


Heart Diseases – Avoid them with regular check-ups

Heart Hospitals in DelhiHeart is an important muscle in human body that requires sufficient oxygen to pump blood to rest of the body. It even pumps blood to itself through coronary arteries that branch out of the heart. At times, due to some or the other reason the coronary artery may become narrow. This results in less supply of blood to the heart and therefore, causes trouble for it. If the coronary artery keeps on becoming narrow with time, then the blood supply to heart is greatly affected and it stresses the heart. This causes heart problems which can prove to be fatal if not treated on right time. There are some symptoms that one may experience when his artery starts becoming narrow like pain in chest, tightness in chest, shortness of breath, fatigue etc. In such conditions, it is important that you immediately go to the Best Heart Hospital in Delhi for the diagnosis & treatment of your heart problems.

There are certain risk factors that the heart specialists in Best Heart Hospital in Delhi will tell you making you prone to the heart diseases, namely:

  • Smoking tobacco
  • Excessive weight
  • Family background of heart diseases
  • High levels of cholesterol
  • High BP and diabetes

If any of the above mentioned things are troubling you, then you must be cautious about the health of your heart. You should not ignore these symptoms as they can prove to be very dangerous for your heart and overall health. Jaipur Golden Hospital is considered as one of the Best Heart Hospital in Delhi where accurate diagnosis is done of your heart problems and immediate treatment is given to the patient without any fail. It is also ensured by the doctors that no patient has to suffer any kind of delay in treatment. You can visit the hospital in Rohini for more information on the same.

Tips that can help you find the best cosmetic surgeon in your area

best cosmetic surgeon in delhiEvery woman wants to look attractive irrespective of their age, culture and physical appearance. For this usually woman opt for one or the other tricks to enrich and enhance her beauty. Cosmetic surgeons in Delhi are there to help you out. But finding one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeon in your area is considered as a difficult tasks. But, internet has made the procedure quite simpler.

No doubt, these surgeries help you to get better physical look but still you must get yourself familiar with the pros and cons of the surgery. The very first thing that you need to consider is to find the best cosmetic surgeon in your area.

Consider the following points before you opt for the surgery.

 Qualifications: This must be the very first finding of yours. You must know the qualification of the cosmetic surgeon. You must check his experience, knowledge, and details of training and internship he had. The surgeon must have a thorough knowledge about the surgery. Thus the surgeon who had his internship can only know how to deal with difficult situations and with the patients as well.

How to find the aptitude: you can simply search it online with the help of any search engine or you can ask your family doctor to recommend you the name of any good cosmetic surgeon.

Check the services: every surgeon works on his own norms so it is essential to check the services of the doctor before you opt for the surgery. Try to take reviews from the patients who earlier have had surgery from the very same doctor.

Check the cost of the Cosmetic surgery: While searching you should take into consideration the process followed to perform the treatment. The cost of surgery will depend on the type of material and equipment’s used.

If you reside in Delhi, no need to worry about your cosmetic surgery. Jaipur Golden hospital provide superior quality health care services to all sections of the society. The hospital has highly skilled and dedicated medical professionals, paramedics and executive support staff who consistently improve their skills in order to give desired result to all its patients. Your search for Best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi is over now.

Experiencing infertility: Ways to get pregnant

Infertility word is especially used for women who have an inability to bear a child in her womb for a full-time period and not able to conceive with unprotective sexual intercourse for last two years. There are many causes of infertility such as biological problems menstruation pause, a problem in ovulatory. Generally, the female is dominated for infertility but males can also suffer from infertility. Through survey information, it is found that 20-30% male infertility is responsible for infertility in females. In males, infertility happens due to lack of sperms quality and in females due to menstruation pause. IVF treatment is a solution that can help you in becoming a parent.

Joint Replacement Hospital in Delhi

You will be really glad to know that medical science discovers a safe and successful technique to get pregnant without any complications. IVF (in Vitro fertilization) is a technique which is very safe and successful tool for couples who are not able to become a parent. In this process,a female ovum is removed from the woman’s ovaries and sperm is fertilized for 2-5 days in a laboratory, this fertilized egg is implanted in an another woman uterus called surrogate woman and a resulting child is genetically unrelated to a surrogate mother. This process,must be done at Best IVF treatment center.

IVF treatmentsolves your problem of infertility, whether you cross the age of reproduction. If you feel any fear of this process visit the IVF center and get a solution for your infertility. IVF treatment surely gives you the best results.

Why is IVF used?

IVF is used to deal with infertility in the following patients:

  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • In males infertility occurs due to decreased sperm count or sperm motility
  • Women with ovulation syndrome, premature ovarian failure, uterine fibroids
  • Women who have removed their fallopian tubes
  • People with a genetic disorder
  • Unresolved  infertility

If you are facing any of these problems, visit Jaipur Golden Hospital, one of the leading best IVF treatment center in Delhi. The hospital has highly qualified & dedicated medical professionals, paramedics and managerial support staff.

Get Good Alternative Asthma Treatment and Stay Healthy

In humans, lungs have a passage of air known as bronchial tubes that allow air to come in and move out. When people suffer from asthma, their airways are always inflamed. In situations when their symptoms are triggered, these airways swell even more and the muscles surrounding the area tighten making it difficult for the air to move in and out. As a result of this, person faces problem in breathing and shows symptoms like coughing, wheezing and tightness in chest. There are many people who show these symptoms only when they do some kind of physical activity and this is known as exercise induced bronchoconstriction.

Causes for asthma

There are some people who fall prey to asthma and others do not. Well, no specific reason is known for that but it is considered to be environmental factors or genetic factors. There are some triggers for asthma attack like: Airborne substances that may include pollen, dust, dirt, common cold, smoke, cold air, stress, certain medications, processed foods, a medical condition – GERD etc.

Treatment for asthma in Delhi

If you want to control your asthma then you must recognise your triggers first and then prevent them. You must also keep a check on your breathing and ensure that the medications you are taking are keeping the asthma symptoms away. Best Asthma treatment  involves taking long-term asthma control medications like inhaled corticosteroids, leukotriene modifiers, long-acting beta agonists, combination inhalers, theophylline etc.

Jaipur Golden Hospital has a full-fledged department that looks after asthma patients and provides asthma treatment in Delhi of highest standards. They have a dedicated team of doctors and nurses to look after asthma patients and are always prepared to take steps in case of emergencies. You can contact them if you or your loved ones are suffering from asthma as they are the ideal people who can provide you with best treatment options for asthma.

Choosing The Appropriate Spine Surgeon In Delhi

The various organs in human body perform their own important functions. The whole body is affected if any one organ fails to do its work properly. Spine is an important part that handles major functions in your body. It carries messages from brain to other parts of the body and tells them what to do. In case any problem occurs in spine then this whole function is disrupted resulting in many major issues. In such circumstances, it is always recommended to go to the Best Spine Surgeon in Delhi for diagnosis as well as treatment of your problem.

If major injury is caused to your spine then you may go into coma, suffer from paralysis or face other severe medical conditions. Therefore, never ignore your spine related problems and consult the Best Spine Surgeon in Delhi for treatment. Back pain has become a very common problem these days and it occurs not only in old age people but even younger ones are suffering from it. Bad posture, hectic & inactive lifestyle, bad eating habits etc have all contributed to this. It is necessary that you take proper care of your body to protect yourself from spine related issues.

Initially when you go to the Best Spine Surgeon in Delhi with your spine troubles, he will first give you medications and tell you to do exercise to get relief. If both these treatment options don’t work for you then surgery is recommended as the last resort. The spine surgical procedure is a very delicate method and it needs to be done only by an expert in this field. If you fall in wrong hands then you may suffer from lifelong deformities. Jaipur Golden Hospital has some of the Best Spine Surgeon in Delhi that are board certified and have years of experience as well as knowledge in this field.

Choose The Best Paediatric Surgery Hospital in Delhi

Paediatric surgery is the branch of medical science in which surgery is performed on young patients that includes from premature & unborn babies to children & teenagers. The problems faced by them are often very different from adults. That is why they require personalized care & attention for all their diseases, illness and injuries. Paediatric surgeons are highly qualified professionals having specialised training in this field. They have exceptional skills to treat high risk premature babies that suffer from complex problems and need surgical intervention. Best Paediatric Surgery Hospital in Delhi has world-renowned paediatric surgeons of different levels of seniority and expertise in their team using advanced technology as well as latest techniques in diagnostic imaging to detect the problem at early stages.

Various diseases of children are diagnosed and treated in the Best Paediatric treatment Hospital in Delhi that includes:

  • Congenital malformations like lymphangioma, esophageal atresia, hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, intestinal atresia, undescended testes, hydroceles, varicoceles
  • Omphalocele
  • Gastroschisis
  • Hernia
  • Pectus excavatum
  • Cancerous tumors
  • Separation of conjoined twins
  • Transplantation operation

Children are very different from adults and they always can’t express themselves in front of their doctors. Paediatric surgeons have the expertise to bring such kids to their comfort level so that they can tell about their problems in detail and then relevant treatment can be started. There are many paediatric surgeons who have decorated their clinics or hospitals while keeping in mind the likes of children and have toys as well as other reading material for them in waiting rooms and examination rooms.

Jaipur Golden Hospital is one of the Best Paediatric Surgery Hospitals in Delhi that has the widest range of treatments for children requiring surgical as well as non-surgical approach.

You Must Know About Best Joint Replacement Hospital For Your Joint Surgery

Joint Replacement Hospital in DelhiJoint replacement surgery was successfully performed in early 1960s and since then numerous patients have undergone this surgical procedure to get rid to their joint pain. It all started first with hip replacement surgery and then it was followed by the knee replacement. Due to the technological developments made in the medical science, a lot of advancement has been made in the surgical procedures of joint replacement surgery. Moreover, the age of elderly people has also increased due to new researches and treatment options. This led to the high demand for joint replacement surgeries over the years. With continuous improvements ankle & shoulder replacement surgery has also seen a steady rise. This has proved beneficial both for the healthcare industry as well as the patients.

As a person ages, there is a change in his posture as well as walking patterns because their bone density as well as bone fluid reduces which tends to damage the cartilage. Your bones also become brittle and acquire of tendency of breaking easily. This leads to stiffness in the body and therefore causes pain & discomfort while walking or carrying on daily activities. In such situations, one should visit Joint Replacement Hospital in Delhi for the treatment because if things are delayed then conditions might worsen & joint replacement may get tougher.

Earlier joint replacement surgery was only performed on the elderly people as they had less mobility and it was believed that less stress would be laid on the artificial replaced joint. But nowadays, even the younger ones who are candidates for this surgical procedure can get joint replacement surgery done with high success rate at the Joint Replacement Hospital in Delhi. These artificial joints known as prosthesis are made of plastic, metal or ceramic and last for around 10-15 years. Older people need not get them replaced as they already undergo this surgical process at later age. But in case of younger generation, they need to get artificial joints replaced after this time period to continue enjoying their advantages.

Joint Replacement Hospital in Delhi is equipped with all the necessary things that are needed by the patient during his treatment. There is a team of well-qualified and highly talented orthopaedic doctors, trained nurses as well as other medical specialists who follow multidisciplinary approach to treat their patients and ensure their full safety in all circumstances. Compassionate care and dedicated services are offered to them for their faster recovery. Jaipur Golden Hospital is one of the top-notch Joint Replacement Hospitals in Delhi that leaves no stones unturned in serving their patients with premium facilities. Every single need of the patient is given priority and peaceful environment is provided to them. You can trust the team here for all your problems

Best respiratory centre in Delhi

The rising pollution in Delhi and NCR has been the major reason for respiratory problems in people here, especially older people and children are the victims. Respiratory diseases make it difficult for a person to breathe properly, thereby, further leading to other problems like cough, wheezing & shortness of breath. Due to these problems, a person can’t carry on with his daily activities in a normal way and gets exhausted very soon. Respiratory problems need immediate attention because if you ignore them in their initial stages, they can be life-threatening. You should always prefer to go to the best respiratory centre in Delhi for your treatment in order to get positive results.

Best respiratory centre in Delhi has the most advanced and fully equipped respiratory department offering state-of-the-art facilities to its patients. The medical intensive care unit has ultra-modern monitoring facilities and medical devices which are handled by highly qualified consultants. World class treatment and services are provided to the patients round the clock. Best respiratory centre in Delhi has the provision to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using excellent medical facilities. Extremely talented and experienced doctors working here are known to provide accurate results for all the procedures done by them. They are also famous for providing fast and effective treatment for all kinds of respiratory problems. They work with a team of other specialists, nurses, technical and support staff to ensure that patients don’t face any kind of problem.

Jaipur Golden Hospital is one of the best respiratory centres in Delhi that is committed to offer personalised one-to-one treatment and medical care to its patients. They are the leading experts in this field and use innovative techniques regularly along with latest developments. Their cutting-edge core competencies are their backbone. You can trust them for all your respiratory problems.

Best spine center in Delhi

Jaipur Golden Hospital is one of the best spine centers in Delhi. It targets at providing evidence-based, modern treatment of international standards. The center is equipped with updated technologies like Image guidance, Neuromonitoring, Tubular minimal access reactor, OT table, Spinal Endoscopes for Cervical, etc. These technologies make the surgery very safe highest success rate.


  • Elaboratepost-operative care and sate of art invasive care units.
  • Postoperative spinal rehabilitation center with experienced physiotherapists, surgeons, and doctors.
  • Modern Laminar Floor operation theaters with laser endoscopies using HD cameras and monitors, neuromonitoring and image guidance facilities to assist accurately and diagnose the diseases in the spine.

We are one of the leading infrastructures in the nation. We have a team of experienced surgeons and physiotherapists, qualified nurses, latest and updated sources, best medication regarding a particular spinal surgery, advice from experts; we also have general wards and operation theaters to cure our patients which make us the best spinal center in Delhi.

We offer the following service:

  • Injection treatment for a backache.
  • Minimally invasive procedures with radio frequency and laser, like IDET, medical branch Blocks, Epiduroscopy.
  • Nonoperative management, manipulation and rehabilitation of spine patients.
  • Spinal deformity surgery like scoliosis.
  • Percutaneous Screw Fixation for spinal fractures and fusion.
  • Balloon Kyphoplasty for brittle fractures.
  • Cervical Spine total disc replacement and fusion.
  • Dynamic spinal stabilization for a backache.
  • Endoscopic and posterior cervical fusion.
  • Neuromonitoring for surgical safety and excellent results.
  • Surgeries for Spinal tumors, TB, Trauma, dysfunction, and deformity.
  • Latest technologies in the spinal fusion like plif alif, tlif, axlif and Lumbar Disk Replacement.
  • Latest Percutaneous Procedure like Fx, Disc, Nucleopastry, and annuloplasty.

We provide almost all the surgical services that must be done is critical scenarios. However, in more than 78% cases there is no need of surgery as it can be cured with the efficient use of medication only.